Following my yesterday introduced Overkill Workbench series articles today I follow up with part 2.

Home Office Project: Overkill Workbench Series Part 1
After moving into a new apartment I have already had plans in my to build acustom workbench setup for my home office room so this series will be orientedin the home office room and workbench design. Currently, my room looks pretty simple it’s 6.5 tatamis sized room with anintegrated closet. It h…

So today is my final long waited holiday and, of course, payday. My day started pretty early as I have few appointments before I could dive into shopping, but those finished and, it was time for shopping.

Before selecting a specific store, I have gone through several stores and checked their provided lumber stock/prices. Later on, I even have created a bit advanced Google Sheets doc with all sizes/prices and some smart filtering, which helped me switch from 2x2 (38x38 mm) stock to almost 3x times cheaper 30x40mm stock.

So my choice was Super Viva Home Toyosu as it had a moderately huge lumber variety and tools section.

First, I went to check the carpet tiles as I plan to use them in the room to prevent the floor damage and help with acoustics a bit.

After that, I checked available tabletops to see if there is enough stock-size. I choose 2100x60x25 mm as tabletop stock. Afterward, I went through all plank sizes; everything was fine until I came to 60x60 mm columns, and there was not a single plank left... After walking around a bit, I decided to switch to 60x45 mm should be enough size to support everything I hope.

After spending an hour collecting all planks 25 x 2x4, 21 x 1x4, 24 x 30x40mm, 5 x 1x2, 9 x 60x45mm and finally table tops 6 x 2100x600x25mm.

Finishing all stock collection, I went to look for a helper who could help me order everything, setup the cut-up process according to my Cutlist for tabletops and delivery as I do not have yet translated my British driving license to Japanese, so I can't drive a car yet.

Spending around another hour talking with consultants, I was able to get everything sorted out and paid. I could go for picking tools and parts that I don't want to order via Amazon, as I would like first check them myself before buying.

Selecting only the necessary tools and screws and bits, I was finally finished after paying up my finally my 4-hour trip to the hardware store was completed.

I would like to thank the consultant named "あさゃ". I am not sure if it's the correct name, but it was written on his name tag, and big thanks for Super  Viva Home Toyosu, which helped me with many issues. Even with a significant language barrier, I managed to deliver exceptional results. The only sad part that delivery will happen on Sunday compared to my expected tomorrow.

I forgot to take pictures in the store when I was picking tools as I was a bit exhausted after that Exercise. Can't imagine whats going to happen on Sunday when I will need to carry everything to the 4th floor (no elevator)

Here are the tools after I came back home; others are still on the way from Amazon so stay tuned for future updates.

Most interesting part: Hyperlapse

I have restored my shoulder strap GoPro 7 filming set up, but sadly my 20Ah power bank was dead, so I could only manage to film the wood buying part, but it is still interesting, in my opinion. Also, it is my first Youtube upload.

A bit more serious part

After shopping for this project, I realized that it is a costly project, and it is going to slow down, as my budget for this project is running low. I have noticed that many people are really interested in my projects (observing crazy numbers on Google Analytics).  I would not want to slow down the tempo and make everyone wait too long on my updates. Almost all physical projects (non-software ones) require finance to make them. Talking with few friends and DIY colleagues, I decided to open up a Patreon account so that anyone interested in my projects would be able to support my creativity and keep projects going.

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I will share some more in detail information, plans, code (I am going to open source all the libraries I am working on, but the end application and its configuration I am probably going to share on Patreon), Gerber files, and similar stuff.

If you are not interested, at least subscribe to my newsletters down below, which will deliver every article in a friendly email readable format!

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