Today is finally the day the materials were delivered to my home.

Unloading was pretty quick as it was 3 (including me) unloading it near the staircases to my apartment on the 4th floor.

The funniest thing about all this is that my apartment on the 4th floor has no elevator, pretty unusual for a Japanese apartment complex. So I had to carry on everything by myself to the 4th floor.

One of the optimizations I have done is to pack everything in small batches with packing tape to be solid peace. Much easier that way.

Two hours and a half later, 21 journeys up the stairs, I got everything delivered to the apartment. According to Apple, I have burned 2500cal while doing this by myself.

First small project: DIY Sawhorse

As I will have to cut many planks to size, I decided to build sawhorse myself instead of buying one, 3 x 2x4 vs. 2-3k¥ bought one from a home improvement store. This is my first time trying to make something like this, but I had seen plenty of these built when I was a kid looking around construction workers.

3 x 2x4 1820mm planks to start with, split all 3 of them in the middle to two 910mm parts.

I got this angle ruler from a local store. According to the internet, it's the most popular product among workers. Makes perfect straight lines.

For cutting, I am going to use Japanese. hand saw as I do not want to use a loud circular saw in the apartment (neighbors would not be happy about it)

Repeat this on all three pieces.

Now to join them together to form X shape

Then use two left pieces to join them together horizontally.

The first part of works for workbench: Columns/Feets

As I still have an hour before it gets dark, I decided to cut and make columns for the workbench.

Measure length; I am going to use a 230cm length for the rear columns.

Use angle ruler to make perfect straight lines and then cut to size.

I have not mentioned or included in the CAD plans the metal levelers/feets I am going to use. Those come with screw in holder with nut and leveler itselfs.

As the holder has a pimple, I will use a Forstner bit to make a pimple hole. Then use a wood drill bit to make a hole for the leveler threaded rod.

I am going to make around 70mm height which would give me plenty of space to adjust the leveler is 100mm long, smallest height is 40mm together with table top and front feets it should be around 730mm height.

Now just repeat it all for all elevel columns

After placing columns in the room it looks like I am going to frame the room 😅

Future Plans

I am going to continue working tomorrow morning on the workbench.

As I have promised, I will try to stream the whole process. I managed to get my GoPro to live stream to OBS (but it will have some delay). So if hardware did not let me down tomorrow morning, I would be live on my twitch channel.

I plan to start streaming tomorrow at 10 AM (JST) time.

  • AEST: 11:00 AM
  • GMT: 01:00 AM
  • EET: 04:00 AM
  • PST 06:00 PM
  • EST: 09:00 PM
  • CST: 08:00 PM

Part 4 is out now

Home Office Project: Overkill Workbench Series Part 4 Frame Completed
Continuing from part 3, now it’s time for part 4! Home Office Project: Overkill Workbench Series Part 3 Delivery of Materials anda few buildsToday is finally the day the materials were delivered to my home.Unloading was pretty quick as it was 3 (including me) unloading it nearthestaircases to my…

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