While waiting for materials to arrive for Overkill Workbench, I decided to use carpet on the floor to prevent floor damage as I am renting this apartment, and I would not want to damage the property.

The reason why I choose carpet tiles was that they are affordable and easily installable.

The tiles usually come in 50x50 cm shape, with rubber backing. Some more expensive tiles have a unique surface that prevents sliding, so it does not require securing it.

The tile I choose I have ordered from Amazon, and it costs around 330¥  (3.15$) per tile. I initially planned to buy them in the store, as I was unsure about the texture and color, but after realizing how heavy they are, I decided to order it online. Less than 24h later, they have arrived. I love Amazon Prime. I was joking with my mother that I would probably never move back to Lithuania as there is no Amazon Prime in Lithuania. It is so convenient.


As it was my first time trying to install them, it was a little difficult try & fail approach trying to figure out the best way to secure them.

Half the room in, I realized that the double-sided tape (special for carpet tiles, which does not damage the floors and is easily removable) is finished. Somehow it has slipped my mind to estimate the required amount of tape. So I have to pause installation and go to my local home improvement store and buy some more tape.

I have also picked up some wood drill bits for making holes for adjustable levelers, which will be attached at the bottom of the vertical columns to finely adjust the workbench level.

After returning, I finished installation, and you would not believe I ran out of tape again for the last column, but that's fine. I will get it someday later.

I know that those last cut to size bits doesn't look so great, but those will be covered by the table, so I am not sweating about it.

Hidden surprise

I was really fascinated by these tiles, so I decided to make another hyperlapse of installing them. Please enjoy it!

Future Articles

Yesterday, I started working on a supposedly single evening project, but I had to stop as my initial idea didn't work out because of 3rd party dependency. I will try to finish the article tomorrow and release it.

(Don't tell anybody its related to Crystal programming language and 88x31 sized images!)

Next, the project before Overkill Workbench continuation will probably be a small Arduino code project for my father's mountain board for controlling brake lights.


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